marsa alam city

What will you see in Marsa Alam's marine life?

Marsa Alam is famous thanking many remarkable dive sites. 
There are practically untouched beautiful reefs, underwater diversity, wrecks and basically divers atmosphere around you on the surface.For example, at house reef Abu Dabbab, where you will dive with Friends' Diving, you can find big Green Sea Turtles, Baby Sharks, Tuna, Moray eels, Dugong and many more interesting things!Also you can visit thrilling Elphinstone Reef - it's a good chance to meet sharks: Oceanic White Tip, Tiger, Silvertip, Grey Reef or even Hammerhead. Bottle Nose Dolphins or the Spinner Dolphins can expect you at the Dolphin House or any other place where they will be. Manta Rays, Octopus, really huge Lionfish, Stingray and many others - all these fellows live at Marsa Alam!Therefore, this place is the most popular new location for divers from all the world.One of real review: "Marsa Alam offers the best scuba diving of the Red Sea and In Egypt. The marine life is amazing and most of the dive sites are still unspoiled with pristine reefs and excellent coral. If you are tired of the crowded dive sites of Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, this is a good spot for you" (original: 
So, experience it!